Please print and thoroughly fill out each of the three forms below for each child you wish to apply to enroll at Little Dudes. Please be meticulous, write legibly and sign each of the permission slips where indicated. When you have completed each form, please mail, drop off or fax the originals to Little Dudes. If you mail or submit the forms in person, please make a copy of each form before doing so.

If you're dropping the forms off in person, please do so at the location where you'd like to enroll your child/ren. The location addresses and maps can be found here. The fax number and mailing address are shown below.

Thank you!

Fax number:

(512) 447-1093

Mailing address:

Little Dudes
P.O. Box 18027
Austin, TX 78760

Enrollment forms (please print and completely fill out all three forms):


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