Young Toddlers (12-17 months)
During this time, young toddlers become increasingly curious about their surroundings, and use their senses to explore the environment. They begin to problem solve and use purposeful actions to accomplish a task. The toddler classroom and materials are organized to support the toddler's need to physically explore, discover, and be independent. Toddlers are encouraged to participate in daily routines to develop self-help skills and foster self-esteem. Planned educational ctivities provide repeated opportunities with sensory experiences that help develop children’s gross and fine motor skills. Caregivers help children identify and label their emotions, people, and objects to promote thinking and communication skills. Stories, pictures, and books are introduced and presented daily to help toddlers experience reading as a pleasurable activity. Staff members reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and are consistently available to support the toddler's need for independence and exploration.


Little Dudes Learning Centers 2014